How to Avoid Being Lied to by Travel Agents

Travel agents are a powerful marketing tool and a lucrative source of income for travel agencies.

If you’ve ever worked with travel agencies, you know that they can be deceptive in their advertising, and they do so with aplomb.

The truth is, they’re not lying to you.

Travel agents use their marketing to get you to book, but they also use their sales pitch to convince you to pay extra for travel.

For example, if you book through a travel agency with a high rate of return and a low cost of travel, it can be hard to tell the difference between the agency’s honest advertising and its misleading marketing.

How to avoid being lied to by travel agents 1.

Use a trusted travel agent for your booking.

Travel agent reviews are one of the most common reasons travelers book.

This is a great way to ensure you get the best possible rates and rates that are just right for you.

If your travel agency doesn’t have a verified rating, it may not have the highest rating or reviews.

If it does, make sure that you use a trusted agent.

If not, check with your travel agent to see if they have an in-house rating that can be trusted.


Never book from an agent that is affiliated with an airline.

If an agent offers you an airline discount, they may not be an honest travel agent.

Some agents will give you an additional rate to book on their website or email list.

They may not actually offer the lowest rate, but the agent who sends the email is likely to be an unethical agent.

Many of these agents may not offer a travel agent rating, or may only have one agent rating.


Avoid booking through an agency that charges a higher rate.

If a travel company charges a fee, this may not indicate an honest agency.

They are also less likely to offer an in house rating, which may be a lower rating than the lowest rating.

The reason why an agent may charge a higher fee is because the fee may be higher than the agent rate.


If the agency that you book with is a reputable travel agency that is trustworthy, make an appointment to book with them.

The only way to guarantee your travel experience with an honest agent is to book through them.


Don’t book through an agent who is paid by the agency or a travel promotion company.

If travel promotion companies are involved, they are likely to charge a high commission rate, and you will likely have to pay more than you should.


If booking through a hotel is the best option, consider booking at a hotel or a similar location with a low risk of delays.

A reputable hotel with a clean and well maintained building will offer you an excellent rate.


Be sure to check your travel itinerary and make sure it is accurate.

This may mean making a reservation and booking online or checking with your airline or hotel booking service.

A hotel reservation may not provide the exact amount of time and distance you want to travel, but it can provide you with the most accurate estimate of your travel time and mileage.


Avoid signing up for an airline loyalty program if you haven’t used it before.

An airline loyalty or airline credit card can be a good way to make money when you are on vacation.

If there is a promotional offer or a free gift for a frequent flyer, it could be tempting to use this to earn a few extra bucks when you go on vacation, but this is a scam.

Always make sure you know what you are signing up to and what you may be getting for free.


Use your own money to pay for travel, not an agency fee.

If traveling on a business or personal travel account, the agent is probably an agent of the travel agency.

A good business travel agent will likely pay you directly for your travel expenses and will have no obligation to you or your family to provide you a rate.

An honest travel agency will usually have no responsibility for you and your family if you are not a frequent flier.

If this is the case, make your booking online, and if possible, book online and pay directly with a credit card.

If possible, find an agent with a higher rating.


If signing up as a travel affiliate is the most convenient option, make arrangements with your hotel.

This can help keep your booking from being charged by an agency and reduce your travel fees.