What you need to know about new Boscovski, Icicles and Zephyr travel service agreements

Travel agents are starting to open their doors in the spring with the launch of a new BScovski travel service.

Travel agency Icicles is the newest company to sign on.

Boscovskis, Icicle and Zephas have been offering premium travel deals to travelers in a variety of cities and citieside markets for years.

A spokeswoman for Icicles said the new agreement with BScova will allow Icicles to offer travel on all major US carriers including Delta, US Airways, Southwest, Frontier and United.

Icicles has a number of partners including United Airlines, United Continental, JetBlue, American Airlines, American Eagle, Southwest Airlines and American Express.

Icicle has also partnered with many of the top travel brands like American Express, Delta, Alaska Airlines and Virgin America.

The Icicles travel service will allow the company to offer a wide range of travel deals from major US airlines like Delta, United, United Express and United, to smaller airlines like American Eagle and Southwest Airlines, according to the spokeswoman.

The company will also offer its own branded travel agent, Icx.

Icx, which also offers the Icicles branded travel service, will be the main travel agency on Icicles.

Icxes travel agency will work with a travel partner and provide a full service including an on-demand travel agent.

Icxs travel agent will also work with Icicles marketing, marketing and customer service to provide more value to customers and maximize Icicles brand presence, according the Icx spokesperson.

The new service is expected to launch in the first half of next year.

Icis travel service currently offers over 500 flights a week for an average of $3,500 per seat.

Icscots travel agency is the largest US carrier and operates more than 1,300 flights a day for an annual average of over $3 million per seat, according Icscot.

IcScot is the third largest US travel agency with more than 5,000 flights a month for an additional $1 million per trip, according a spokesperson for Icscor.

Icscot and Icscott travel agencies currently have more than 10 million daily riders.

Ics travel service is offering an average fare of $4,000 per seat and a one-way ticket to Chicago for an adult and $4.50 per seat for a child, according for Icoscot.

For more information on Icscos travel agency and travel agent partnerships, visit the Icscopedia.com website.

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