When it rains, it pours, says traveler

In this video, a woman from Chennai takes a photo of the sunrise with her iPhone camera while she’s out in the rain.

She says she’ll never go back to India, but the experience made her think about why.

She shared the video on her Twitter account.

Read moreThe video was posted on June 15, a day after the last of the monsoon rains in the northern part of the country, which had been expected to continue until June 30.

The monsoon has been a boon for tourism in India, with tourists coming to places like Hyderabad, Pune and Mumbai to enjoy the monsoons and the monohulled roads that are dotted with bridges, tunnels and bridges.

The weather in India has also been helping with the economy, with the country growing at its fastest pace in five years.

This has helped the country recover from the Great Recession, with GDP rising 4.2 percent in the first quarter of the year.

But for many people, the monowill is the reason to leave.

“I just think that we are living in the most extreme period of climate change,” said Todi Shastri, an economist at the London School of Economics who has been following India closely.

“We are going through a very significant warming of the planet and we are going to be exposed to the worst possible effects.”

For Shastry, who lives in the United Kingdom, she said the impact of climatechange is not only an economic concern, but also a moral one.

“Climate change is a moral issue because we can’t do anything about climate change because the planet is warming,” she said.

The impact of rising sea levels and storm surges has been felt in coastal communities, as well as in many parts of India.

Many of the cities and villages where Shastrian lives are at risk of flooding due to rising seas. 

Shastrian said that in her community, some of the people have become more worried about their safety because they have been getting messages on social media from people telling them to stay put.

“It’s not just that you are not going to get the money you are worried about but you are also worried about how you are going be able to feed your family, how you will be able do your laundry and other basic needs that we take for granted in India,” she explained.

Shastri said she is planning to take a trip to India again in the next few years.


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