TripAdvisor: Expedia gets rid of its ‘hot spot’ listings

Expedia, the travel agency, has announced that it is removing “hot spot” listings from its website and app.

The company announced the change on Wednesday, with a post on its blog saying that “this was a difficult decision, and it’s a tough one for us as a brand.

We don’t want to hurt the brand or the experience for our users.

We will continue to monitor this process and continue to adjust our platform accordingly.

But, we want to make clear that this change was not a reaction to the recent attacks on the U.S., nor was it a response to the ongoing threat posed by the Islamic State.

Instead, this change is a product of our internal review of our policies, processes and practices and the feedback we’ve received from our users.”

The company said that “we understand that this has been a challenging time for many of our users,” adding that “in order to remain in alignment with our values, we have decided to remove some of our hottest spots and our most popular destinations.”

The travel agency is known for its low rates and high reviews, with customers describing it as “one of the best travel agencies in the world,” and “the best place to get the most out of your trip.”

In August, Expedia announced that its service would be shutting down indefinitely, citing the rise of ISIS.

Expedia had already pulled its site, app, and social media platforms from the web in April, and in August it also said it was “pending further guidance from the U


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