How to Avoid Being Tracked by Travel Agencies

Travel agencies are tracking your every move online, sending you the latest travel information and offering you promotions.

However, you may be getting more than you bargained for.

In the past month, the Associated Press reported that, a travel agency website, had tracked and sold more than 2 million individual travelers’ personal information. also reportedly used a data breach to track and sell private information of nearly 700,000 individuals.

And some travel agencies have been caught selling the personal information of their employees.

In December, the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against and its parent company,, alleging that the company violated the federal Privacy Act by selling consumer information about individuals to third parties.

The DOJ said that the companies had collected and sold this information without their consent.

The government’s complaint also alleges that used data breaches to sell personal information about its employees.

The lawsuit accuses Airfare of “marketing and advertising for and selling consumer financial information about customers,” according to the Department.

The companies also allegedly used a “data breach” to sell consumer information to other companies.

The DOJ is demanding a $2.9 million fine and a temporary restraining order preventing Airfare Watchdog.US from selling personal information for commercial purposes, and is seeking an injunction against the companies from further marketing and advertising.

Travel agencies also claim they do not sell personal financial information. told The Associated Press that the lawsuit was not accurate.

The website said that it had been targeted with “a data breach” and that the government’s claims were incorrect.

The company also said it has no relationship with the companies that were allegedly targeted by the government.


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