Russian travel agency denies links to Russian travel agencies

RUSSIAN travel agency JAKOVSKY and the Russian travel agent CONCON have been identified as part of a group that has “coordinated, organised and promoted travel in the US, Europe, and Asia”, according to a complaint filed by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The complaint was made to the US Department of Justice by the New York City-based travel agency on Tuesday.

The group, which includes JAKOY, is a joint venture between the Russian and US travel agencies and operates as a subsidiary of the Russian-American travel agency.

The US Department Of Justice said that in late 2014, it received complaints from members of the public about the Russian agency’s activities in the United States.

The Department of Homeland Security also notified the US State Department, which then began an investigation, the complaint said.

It added that the travel agency “has been and continues to be a major provider of Russian-language travel in America and the world”.

Concerns have been raised over the links between the travel agencies.

Concern has also been raised about the activities of JAKO and CONCON.

The travel agency has a website with information on its activities.

However, CONCON denied any connection to JAKOBY.

The company said the US government has “not yet determined if CONCON is a member of this Russian-sponsored travel agency”.

The travel agency’s website does not list a phone number for a representative in the city of New York, where CONCON operates.

However the travel agent’s website lists a phone box in New York.

The travel agent did not respond to a request for comment.