Airlines offer cheap flight to Italy, but the cost is $1,000 per seat

An airline in Italy is offering a cheap flight from New York to Rome for students on a one-way ticket, but students must pay $1.50 for a ticket.

The trip is available on the airline’s website for a one day trip and is $700 per person.

Airlines have been charging students for one-day flights for many years, but these costs are starting to rise.

On May 16, the University of Maryland paid $500 to charter a flight from Baltimore to Rome, a flight that cost $1 to fly in and a flight out that cost nearly $600.

And last year, an airline in the United Kingdom charged $400 per ticket for one trip to London from Edinburgh to Cardiff.

It’s not clear why the flights are being charged in Italy.

Some airlines have taken the position that they will charge students for a trip even if they do not want to use the airline.

“We are not charging students any additional fee for the trip because we do not offer the flights,” an airline spokesman told The Associated Press.

In a statement, the Italian student’s union called the cost “unreasonable and excessive.”

“It’s very clear that the students are paying for a very small piece of equipment and that it’s a huge expense for them,” the statement said.

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