The most popular airlines in Australia travel agency rankings

Australia’s largest travel agency network is ranked the most popular in the country, according to a new report.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has published data showing that there are more than 1,400 travel agency operators across the country.

The data shows that the largest travel agencies in the region are based in Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia, and it has also shown that the biggest travel agencies are based across the continent.

“Travel agencies in Australia are very much dependent on local, national and international travel to make their business model,” said Alex Kavanagh, the executive director of the Australian Travel Industry Association (ATIA).

“Our data shows we’re at the forefront of the global travel market, and the vast majority of Australian travel agencies cater to regional travel markets.”

He said travel agencies had the ability to attract a lot of tourists because of their ability to offer low fares and great deals.

“We also know there are a lot more opportunities for travel agents to be in the travel industry in terms of growing their businesses, and that’s where our industry is heading,” Mr Kavanach said.

“It’s a very important industry to be part of.”

The ATIA surveyed the major travel agencies across Australia and found that there were a total of 624 major travel agency operations, with the largest operations located in Victoria.

“This is the first time the ABS has done this sort of comprehensive ranking, it’s an important step towards ensuring the safety of our customers and the integrity of the industry,” Mr Kenny said.

The top ten biggest travel agency networks in Australia have been revealed by the ABS.

The biggest travel company operating in the Northern Territory, TAT Travel, has an operating turnover of $1.3 billion and a workforce of 6,972.

The company’s top two offices are in Canberra and Darwin.

It has operations in New South Welsh and Western Australian.

The top two operators in the Territory are TAT Travellers and TAT Travancore.

The NT Travel and Tourism Board is also the parent of the NT Travel Agency, which operates the Territory’s largest overseas office.

The other major travel company in the NT, TAS Travel, operates an office in Darwin and operates its travel business out of an international terminal in Darwin.

It has operations out of a regional terminal in Sydney, and operations out in the Kimberley and New South Walsham.

The company also operates a regional office in the WA Capital Territory.

The remaining top five travel agency companies in the State of Victoria have operations in Canberra, Darwin, Perth and the Kimber.

They have offices in Darwin, the Kimber, South Australia and the NT.

The travel agency operator in the ACT has an office out of Darwin, and operates a travel business in the state.

It also operates in the Gold Coast and South Australia.

The ACT Travel and Tourism Board is the parent company of the ACT Travel Agency.

The travel agency is based in Darwin’s city centre and has a branch office in Perth.

The next top five Australian travel agency organisations are based out of Sydney, with offices in Brisbane, Melbourne and the Goldfields.

The Tasmanian Government has a travel agency based in the North Coast region.

The WA Travel and Tours Board is based out in Darwin but operates its business in other locations.

The ACT Travel Board operates its branch office out in Canberra.

The NT Travel Association has offices in the South West and the Northern Rivers.

The South Australian Travel and Events Board is headquartered in the city of Darwin.

The New South Western Travel Association operates a branch in the Adelaide Hills.

The Victorian Travel and Convention Board is a regional travel agency that operates in both cities.

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