Which travel staffing agency is right for you?

Aussie travel staffing company Payscale.com has come out with a list of travel staffing companies for Australian travel, which includes two big travel agencies.

Payscape.com.au has been providing travel and hospitality staffing services to Australians since 2007.

The company provides travel staffing services through its online portal, Payscope.com, which has over 2.6 million active users.

It has a team of over 100 staff, which include hotel, restaurant, catering, catering and catering assistants.

Patsy Hickey, the managing director of Payscan, said Payscare had been a travel staffing firm for over 20 years and had worked with many different travel staffing firms, but this was the first time Paysource had been included.

“We’ve had some really strong travel hiring experiences and a lot of experience from clients across the globe,” she said.

“This is really a really great opportunity to work with a team that is very experienced, so that is a huge advantage.”

Ms Hickey said there were several travel staffing agents available, with a focus on the Western and Central US markets.

“If you’re travelling to Sydney, Melbourne or Sydney Harbour, you should definitely check them out,” she added.

Ms Haney said she was looking forward to working with the Payssource team.

“Paysource have been an outstanding travel recruitment agency for years and I’m excited to be working with them again to grow our travel recruiting service,” she wrote in an email to The Australian.

“Our team of highly-qualified, experienced and dedicated staff will be able to help clients secure their next big travel adventure.”

Payscheme has been in business for over 25 years, and is based in Australia.

It’s a travel recruitment and hospitality firm that offers both full-service travel and hotel and restaurant services.

Pawsource is a major international travel agency that provides travel services for Australian, European, New Zealand and international clients.

The Pawssource team is working with clients from all around the world to find the right team to get them the best value for money.

Ms Gorman said she enjoyed working with Pawshire.

“It is great to have the opportunity to be part of the Pawscare family and work alongside the Pillsource team, so I am looking forward on being a part of this exciting future,” she told The Australian in an emailed statement.

“Working with Pillshire has been a fantastic experience, and I look forward to continuing my role with them.”

Patsource also offers travel and accommodation management services, as well as staffing and marketing services.

For more travel advice and advice from travel professionals, visit our travel tips section.


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