What do you need to know about China travel in 2018?

China is a hotbed for travel.

With a population of around 5 billion, it is a major player in the global economy.

There are also a number of Chinese travel agents that specialize in travel to the country, such as Bird Travel, that have expanded to include flights to many other countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Europe.

However, for many Chinese travellers, they find it difficult to find a good, local travel agent.

China is also home to a plethora of airlines, many of which offer a range of travel options.

These include Air China, Air China Hong Kong, China Southern Airlines, and Chinese Airlines.

China’s airlines are all popular with travellers, with some airlines offering great travel experiences and others offering limited choices.

But if you’re planning a trip to China, you should consider looking into an international travel agency.

These international travel agencies will have a range and offer a wide range of options for you to choose from.

In 2018, there were more than 20,000 international travel agents in China.

There is an international booking system and there are numerous international airlines that have branches in China, as well as some domestic carriers.

Many international airlines have their own airlines that can be used as a way to book flights.

If you are looking to book a flight to China or other Asian countries, be sure to check the websites of your chosen airlines and ask them to provide information on their travel services.

If they do, they should be able to give you an update on the availability of services.

There’s also an app called Air China.

The app will show you how much it costs to book international flights and allow you to book through a variety of websites.

China has also had an online portal called China Airlines.

This is the only online portal that provides you with information about the Chinese airline industry.

Be sure to ask them about the availability and pricing of services, especially if you plan to visit China for a while.

In 2017, China was also ranked as the third most congested country in the world, behind the US and Russia.

Although congestion in China has been increasing, it still remains a major problem for travellers, and the air travel industry has been struggling with this problem.

A lot of people are concerned about congestion, as the country is often crowded during peak travel times, especially during the peak tourist season.

Some travellers report that they have to travel at least twice a day during peak tourist seasons.

Some countries in the region have also been plagued by the spread of coronavirus.

The main problem in China is the fact that the health authorities in China have not been able to control the spread.

China was one of the countries hardest hit by the coronaviruses.

A majority of people infected with the coronaviases have died.

There have been reports of some people being unable to travel because they are too sick or their health has worsened.

However the number of deaths has not been as high as in other countries.

For this reason, some travellers may consider the idea of travelling to China to be a worthwhile option.

A number of countries, such the US, Australia, Japan and South Korea have recently introduced strict travel restrictions and restrictions on some of their citizens from travelling to the region.

Many Chinese travellers also have questions about visas, and some will travel abroad to enter the country.

Some airlines offer a limited number of visas for Chinese nationals.

A range of other travel options are available to Chinese travellers.

In addition to flights to China from some of the top airlines in China (such as Air China and Air China China Hong


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