‘I was terrified’: Belvedere traveler who survived Ebola virus in Sierra Leone says ‘I would have died’

Belvedre, Sierra Leone, February 20, 2019 – A traveller who survived the Ebola virus, in the Sierra Leone capital of Freetown, said he was frightened by the people he encountered in his journey to the capital, Freeton.

Belvede, who has not been officially identified by the authorities, said on Saturday that he was “sick, but I am OK” after arriving in Freetor with his family on February 12.

He said that he had spent three months in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone before travelling to Sierra Leone.

Belivedere, who is now in his 50s, said that people were afraid to talk to him, and asked him to keep a low profile.

“I was afraid because it was a scary situation,” he said.

“But I was very well cared for, and I did not have the virus.”

Belivede said that a few days before he left Freetoun he had been visited by a woman, who informed him that she was the “prince” of the village, and that she and her husband were staying in a house in the village.

The woman had been diagnosed with Ebola in the US, and had been sent to the country to recover.

“So I asked her why did she come here,” Belivedef said.

She told him that her husband had been ill, and the doctor told her that the symptoms of Ebola were worse in the area around the house, where the couple lived.

Believed to have been in the country for three weeks, Belivedep said that it was strange to be in a place where people were scared of the disease.

“They told me that if I stay there I will die,” Belvedef said, adding that he felt very isolated and isolated.

“It was scary.

It was hard to find my way.

I was scared that I would die.”

Belvedecres reported that he has since recovered, and he hopes to return to Guinea in the next few weeks.

He told the BBC that he hopes the situation in Guinea will improve.

“If we can find a cure in Guinea we can come back and see our relatives, who are also sick and in the same condition,” he added.

“And I hope this will improve, and hopefully we will have the same level of comfort.”

Ebola crisis in Sierra Maor state, Sierra Republic In February, Belvedevs family said that they would return to Freetono, Sierra Maors capital, with the family and belongings.

Sierra Maoris President Daniel Buhari said at the time that his government was working with the United Nations to assist the Belvedes in their journey to Fotocan, but there was no indication that any progress had been made.

“The Sierra Maori Government has requested that Sierra Maorians in Fotochan assist the family of the deceased and their relatives, including the wife and the children, in their search for a cure for Ebola,” a spokesperson said.

Sierra Leone’s Prime Minister Patrick Lamine said on February 13 that the government would send its “full cooperation” to help the Belivedes.

However, the UN and the United States have been unable to find a vaccine or a cure.

The United States has been the most vocal in its support for the Belovedes, with President Donald Trump, who called Belivedecres a “great hero”, saying that his country would work with Sierra Leone “to prevent the spread of the virus in Africa”.


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