How to buy stock in the China travel agency brookslyn

Travel agency Brookslyn in the UK is one of the latest to be caught up in a major cyber security breach, with more than 5,000 documents stolen, and thousands of customers affected.

Brookslyn’s website was hacked and the company’s email account compromised.

Brookeslyn’s Twitter account was hacked as well, which has affected the company in the same way as the breaches.

“We were not expecting to be hacked, we are in the early stages of this but it is the first time that we’ve had an issue that has impacted us,” the company said in a statement.

Brookelyn’s email accounts were hacked on April 12, and the security company has already begun the process of contacting affected customers, the company added.

“The breach was quickly traced to the same IP address and the same domain, but the nature of the breach and the level of data that was stolen from the company has left us completely baffled,” the Brookeslyn statement added.

The company is now working with the police and is asking people to not use the Brookelyn website to shop, contact the company, or use their personal data to make purchases.

Brooklyn said the incident has been the result of a “technical issue”, but said it would be working with authorities to get to the bottom of the issue.

The travel agency has already apologised to customers for the inconvenience caused and said it will not be charging any customers for a week.

Brookerslyn’s UK website was taken offline on April 13.

“Brookesys customers are extremely disappointed at the disruption that this has caused.

Our team is working with law enforcement to investigate the matter, and we are offering all customers who have been impacted a free refund of any and all fees paid to us in respect of this matter,” the travel agency said in its statement.

The Brookesy website was later re-enabled on Monday.

Broken, compromised Brookesys email account.

Brooksy said it has been contacted by the police.


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