Japan’s wakansaw travel agency is set to open in Singapore

Japan’s Wakanaw Travel Agency is set for a big expansion in Singapore.

The agency, which operates the likes of Jetstar and Ryanair, will soon be opening a branch in the historic city, which is home to more than 150 million people.

Wakansaws are currently available in Singapore’s capital, Singapore, but the company says it will open a branch there in 2018, allowing it to serve customers in the area.

The branch will open on the corner of the intersection of Victoria Road and Elizabeth Street. 

Wakansawn is currently located on Victoria Road in Singapore, which was once home to the city’s famous wakas, a fleet of wooden ships that were used to transport goods to and from the city.

The city’s waka fleet, which dates back to 1869, is the oldest surviving example of wooden craft.


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