How to buy a flight online at an Indian Air Force base

Air Force bases across India are increasingly relying on online travel to help ease overcrowding and ease the burden of fuel and other supplies, according to a report by the Indian government.

Air Force officials have been using AirMate, a cloud-based flight scheduling service, to provide free flights to remote bases since 2014, the Hindustan Times reported, citing AirMint, an online marketplace for travel products.

The government is spending an estimated $100 million annually on the service to help airlines and their employees, AirMicepix reported.

The service is currently available in the country for private clients, but AirMite is also available to Air Force and Army members, as well as civilian employees, the newspaper reported.

India also has an online travel portal called AirIndia, which provides free online trips to remote locations, according the Hindutva Times.

India’s military is increasingly looking for alternatives to paying for fuel and logistics at airports, and the government is encouraging the military to consider cheaper alternatives like AirMitrix, AirIndia’s website said.