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Travel agency website Airbnb has been accused of “failing to take care of” its guests after they were discovered to have been inebriated by their own guests, and the social media site has been slapped with a lawsuit by the group.

A spokesperson for the company told The Telegraph that it was working with a legal team to resolve the matter.

“We are extremely disappointed by the allegation that Airbnb has engaged in sexual misconduct against a guest.

We immediately contacted our guest service team and are working with them to get the guest and the company to a settlement,” they said.

The company added that “any allegation of sexual misconduct will be investigated by the company’s internal processes, including those that lead to termination.”

It is the latest legal fallout for Airbnb.

Earlier this year, the company was forced to apologise to a number of women who claimed they were harassed by its staff.

The scandal prompted Airbnb to create an internal inquiry into the behaviour of its staff, and it has since announced a series of changes to its policies.