Thai travel agency apologises for misleading travellers

Bangkok has issued an apology to its staff after a travel agency admitted to having misrepresented the safety of the country’s military flights.

Travel agency miamisTravel, which operates military and civilian travel agencies, has apologised to the Thai government and to the public for the inaccurate representations made to customers and to employees during an investigation.

“The Thai government has accepted that these actions have not been done intentionally but instead as a result of poor decision making,” the company said in a statement Tuesday.

“The Thai Ministry of Tourism, Tourism and Sports, and the Ministry of Civil Aviation are fully responsible for the mistake.”

Travel agency, which manages flights to and from Thailand’s military bases, was found to have “misled travellers” by falsely claiming that its military-operated flights were safe.

“Due to the recent tragedy, our travel agency has been asked to issue an apology,” the statement said.

“We regret that the incident has occurred and apologize to our customers and our staff.”

The company’s statement comes just days after the company was forced to apologise for its inaccurate marketing about the safety and security of its flights to Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries.

The company said it had changed its marketing materials and revised its policy for its military customers, including a promise to stop “faking” the safety claims of its military flight booking website.

“We have been asked by our government and our customers to cease selling military travel tickets,” the agency said in its statement.

“Our travel agency will work closely with the Thai Ministry for Tourism, Civil Aviation, and Tourism to implement the corrective measures.”

The apology came in the wake of a major investigation into travel agencies in Thailand, which came after a public outcry about their marketing practices.

The Thai government ordered the review after the deaths of 17 soldiers, including one from the Royal Thai Navy, during a military training exercise in February.

The investigation was launched after more than 60 passengers and crew members filed complaints with authorities.

Travel agencies in Asia are increasingly scrutinizing the safety records of their customers as more travel is made by private individuals.

Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam have been among the countries that have launched investigations into travel agency marketing practices following the deaths.


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