The 10 Best Boscovski Travel Agency Deals

Dearborn, Michigan (CNN) Travel agents in the Midwest are being hit hard by the recession, and one of the best-known travel agents in that region is a little more than a month from shutting down its doors. 

Boscovskis Travel Agency, which specializes in travel to Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan, is closing down its office at 616 Grand Avenue. 

“I don’t want to say it’s closing down, but we’re not going to be there for awhile,” said Mike Boscovic, the agency’s president. 

According to Boscoss company website, the Boscoveis agency operates through an affiliate program with several travel agencies. 

The Boscavis agency specializes in “tourist services, travel assistance, accommodation, travel management, and assistance to students and adults with disabilities.” 

The agency’s last day will be Friday. 

 “We are truly saddened and deeply saddened to announce that the BScoveis travel agency is closing its doors at this time,” Boscic said. 

If you have any information about the agency or have any questions, contact the BoscOVski Travel Agent at (313) 521-8500 or the BScoveys office at (734) 822-4644.

 “While we are unable to share more information, we are thankful to all the loyal BScovski clients and partners that we have worked with for many years,” the agency said in a statement. 

I hope they’ll see this as a win for the community. 

Read more about the BSCOVski agency here:  Bscovski agency close to closing its office at Grand Avenue in Dearborn  (CNN)Dearborn, Mich.

(CNN)– Biscovski has been an affiliate of the Boca Raton-based Baskin-Robbins Travel Group for more than 40 years. “Boscovei has been a leader in helping people find and book their next vacation destination since 1998,” the company said in its statement.

In February, Boscowis filed for bankruptcy protection. 

Its financial problems were blamed on “significant financial underwriting losses, loss of business, and adverse changes in operating performance.”

Boscowi recently announced a plan to shutter its office and close down its operations.

Boscos, a travel agency specializing in travel to Florida and Indiana, is closing down and will no longer serve customers. 

It has about 300 employees, according to the company s website. 

But Byscovski said that they would be making “a significant financial contribution” to the community through the new travel agency. 

You can read more about Bosco s financial problems here: Biscos employees will receive severance pay and a one-time severance package worth $1.25 million, the company said.

Biscowis is not the only Baskin Robbin companies to be in trouble. In March, Bskobobobins lifestyle travel company, which operates in the Atlanta area, failed to generate any revenue for three months in a row. 

At the time, the company was in bankruptcy protection, according to a BSKobob company spokesperson. 

For more, read this story:

Ybz0HfqZvBc Read more about the BSKob business here: title= BKOBBINS Basket insurer-BaskIn s financial woes and suspended work on the brand and  apparel 


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