Luxury travel agents offer £4.6m on a yacht

Travel agencies have offered a £4,6m deal on a luxury yacht to an American businessman.

The deal was made official this morning and the yacht, named the VVV, is in a private jet.

The company said the yacht will cost £3.8m per year, or $4.3m at the time of writing.

The offer comes as yacht-buying frenzy has seen prices rocket in the past few weeks.

The VVK was built by US firm TWA and is the first luxury yacht sold in the UK in a year.

The VVK, which was built in 2014, has a top speed of more than 200 knots and can hold up to 12 guests. “

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to offer our customers the best in luxury yacht experiences in our fleet.”

The VVK, which was built in 2014, has a top speed of more than 200 knots and can hold up to 12 guests.

The yacht is in its prime period and can be leased for a further six months.

It is also a luxury charter boat that can accommodate up to six guests, with three guests sharing the main cabin.

TWA declined to comment.

The luxury yacht was built to attract wealthy Americans to Europe, where luxury yacht owners are keen to travel.

The vessel was listed for sale in July last year by luxury yacht broker Luxury World Group.

A representative for the luxury yacht’s owners said the VVM was not their yacht and did not have a crew.

It added that the yacht had a very high listing price of $1.2m, which the company was “committed to ensuring is not the case”.


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