How to avoid being robbed by the ‘Cabrini’ group of travellers

Sahara Travel Agency has put out a video warning travellers about the dangers of the ‘cabrinis’ group.

In the video, the agency’s chief marketing officer Dr Peter Kloos explains that the ‘Bourbon’ group is a well-known brand that has been known to rob travellers.

‘Cabriinis’ are a group of people from Morocco who travel in groups of around 20.

Dr Kloas said that they are not particularly well known in the UK, but he believes that they have the potential to travel to the UK with more than 1,000 people.

The group are known to take their money and use it as credit.

The money then becomes part of the group’s ‘bank account’, which then becomes the main source of income for them.

Dr Klaas said: ‘The Cabrini is an incredibly well-connected group that are known for their behaviour.

He said that many travellers are unaware that they can be robbed, and some are not even aware of the risks.

If you are not aware that you can be attacked by the Cabrinis, you should avoid the group and don’t even try to meet with them.’

The video comes as the number of ‘Cabalis’ is rising.

In December, more than 150 travellers were robbed by a ‘Cabinet-approved’ group on their way to the Canary Islands from Spain.