How to make sure you’ll get to the airport faster in Spain

The airport in Barcelona is not only crowded, but it also has its share of problems.

The airport was the site of a deadly plane crash in 2013, and the city has a long history of delays and overcrowding, especially during peak travel periods.

But now, Spain’s transport minister says the airport is improving.

The ministry’s official blog post, dated Tuesday, notes that the airport’s airport capacity is now at 4,832,000 square meters, up from 2,890,000.

It also notes that there is a new terminal, which will be used for passenger flights.

It says that “we have already made significant improvements” to the terminal, including better staffing, and that “many improvements will be made during the next few years.”

The post continues: “We are committed to the implementation of a strategy for the future development of the Barcelona airport.

We are going to improve the airport capacity in a strategic and practical way and to be able to operate more efficiently and effectively in the future.”

The minister said he expects to announce an expansion of the airport, and said that the ministry will also “increase capacity at the airport.”

The new terminal will not be opened until 2019, but the ministry is looking to open it by 2020.


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