What do you think of the travel agency that opened in Washington DC?

By Emily Cachill—Washington (CNN) It may have been a little too early to jump on a flight to Washington, D.C., but a few weeks ago, a white travel agent in the District was offering an alternative to getting a hotel room in one of the nation’s capitol’s most expensive neighborhoods. 

The agency, White Travel, was the first in Washington, DC, to open in a new neighborhood, and it opened up its first hotel in a relatively new market, the city’s first.

White Travel’s owner, Josh Smith, told CNN he’s hoping the location will be the first of many for other cities to follow suit. 

“This is a very exciting time for the city of Washington, as our nation continues to experience major economic growth,” Smith said. 

Smith said the business is an opportunity to help people connect to the community. 

He added that he was excited to have a new destination and to help other people in the city who are in the process of opening up.

“Our goal is to help all of our neighbors,” Smith told CNN.

“If we can make it easier for them to get a hotel, that will be great for our community.” 

The idea of a hotel in the heart of the capital is not a new one.

In recent years, hotels have been popping up in places like New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas. 

But it is the first time a White Travel business has opened in the capital, and the company has seen a spike in sales.

The company has been open in the Washington, Washington area since October.

According to White Travel spokesman, Mike Naughton, the company opened up a hotel to its customers in mid-October.

The hotel, which has rooms starting at $750 a night, has been a hit with the community, with more than 300 rooms booked so far, Naughtons office said.

Naughton said that the first day the hotel opened, it generated more than $600,000 in sales, which is on pace to grow to $1.5 million within the next year.

The White Travel hotel opened in a neighborhood that’s been in a tight spot.

A recent report by The Economist found that more than half of Washington’s homeless population lives in the region’s outer neighborhoods.

One of those neighborhoods, the Old Town, is just minutes away from the Capitol.

In addition to the White Travel building, the neighborhood includes two vacant buildings, a former drug treatment center and a vacant strip mall.


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