How to plan your next trip from Seattle to L.A.

Travel agents in Seattle, where the average cost of a flight is $3,400, are starting to look a lot like travel agencies in L.a., where the typical cost of an international flight is around $6,500.

But the differences between the two cities could be what make the difference between being able to go and being able, say, to go to the movies in L, said Andrew Miller, the chief executive officer of Bridge Travel Agency in Seattle.

He says his company has been able to keep its customers happy because they know they can book travel for as low as $2,200.

He also noted that the price of international flights has gone up in recent years, making the travel agent experience more complex and the cost of tickets more competitive.

“In the past it’s been the people who went through the process that made the difference,” Miller said.

“Now you’ve got people who don’t know how to book and are not necessarily comfortable with it, so we have to try to help them.”

Some of the biggest trends in L are changing demographics and growing populations, said Matt Stoll, the founder and CEO of travel agency Bonjour Travel Agency.

The average age of the agency’s agents is up nearly two years.

The majority of the company’s customers are in their 50s and 60s, he said.

In addition, the number of international business trips in L has jumped by almost half since 2008, with a majority of those being to Asia.

The company is now one of three L-based travel agencies to report positive revenue for the first quarter of 2017.

“Our customers really like it, and they are going to come back,” Stoll said.


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