How to stay safe online in the wake of the Boston bombings

Travelers in the United States have been reeling from the horrific events in Boston, New York City and New Jersey, which claimed the lives of at least three people.

But while many are looking for ways to travel safely online, many others are trying to take the safety precautions they already take in person, at work, and on the road.

“It’s not a new thing,” said Sarah Schuster, who works for a travel agency.

“It’s just a little more common.”

Schuster said she’s seen a trend of people “going offline” at times during the Boston attacks and at other times during a lockdown.

“I’ve seen people get into social media, people post videos of themselves on Facebook, people just going through a lot of the same things they would do at work,” she said.

While there have been some notable incidents, most travelers will do their best to take precautions at home and out of the way, according to Sarah Schusters husband.

“The only way to prevent something like this from happening again is to keep yourself safe online, but I’m not going to do that,” she added.

While the federal government has made some security announcements, the biggest ones come from state governments.

New York state is working on creating a state-wide emergency alert system that will include all major airports, subway stations, and bus stops.

The state is also taking steps to increase surveillance of people online and make it easier for businesses to flag people as suspicious.

Schuster says most businesses will be able to tell when a suspicious person is checking in online, and she says she’s heard from several people who have told her they’re getting in touch with police to report suspicious activity.

But even if businesses aren’t reporting suspicious activity to authorities, it’s still up to the individuals at the office to report it to them.

“You’re not going go to your boss and say ‘I have a report on someone suspicious at work,'” she said, “but I’m sure that would be a good place to start.”

If you or anyone you know is in immediate danger, contact a local law enforcement agency.

If you or someone you know has an active warrant out for their arrest, call 911.


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