Which hotels to book in Delhi?

In this article, we’ve looked at the best hotels in Delhi, ranked by popularity.

Some hotels are cheaper than others.

To make it easy to compare, we’re also giving you the cheapest hotel in Delhi at the time of writing.

To save you time, we have included a list of the best hotel booking agents in Delhi as well.

What are the best India hotels?

The hotels that are listed below are all good places to stay in Delhi.

The hotel industry is dominated by the hotels that cater to foreign travellers.

These are the most popular hotels, and many have very good rates.

The hotels listed below offer a wide variety of rooms, and they also offer many different types of food and drink.

Some of the hotels have high ceilings, while others have large windows, making them a good place to sit on the terrace.

The best hotels are located in the Delhi suburbs.

These hotels are usually popular with the younger generation, and the older travellers.

They have a lot of indoor facilities, including free WiFi, indoor fitness centers and a lot more.

Some popular hotels in the capital include: The Shangri-La Hotel, Kolkata, Delhi


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