How to book an American Airlines flight to Hawaii

A Hawaii airline has revealed how to book a ticket on American Airlines if you’re travelling from the US to the Pacific Ocean.

American Airlines is the first airline in the world to offer direct travel from the United States to Hawaii via the same route that it uses to transport passengers on its flights to Singapore and Hong Kong.

The new route is currently operated by the US Air Force and is expected to be operational by the end of 2018.

It is operated by Air America, which also operates flights to Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as flights from Singapore to Los Angeles and New York.

The US Airforce has operated the service since the 1950s.

Hawaii is the largest US territory and is home to many US military bases.

For the first time, a US-based airline has offered direct flights to Hawaii for the first flight between the US and Hawaii.

Airlines can book flights directly from the Air Force Base to Honolulu, via Hawaiian Airlines, for $1,500.

US Air Force officials have said that they will be adding direct flights on a daily basis as the service expands.

In 2016, the USAir Force Air Force Reserve, based at Hawaii’s Andersen Air Force Station, announced that they would add direct flights from Andersen Air Base to Hawaii by the middle of 2019.

According to Air America’s website, the service will allow you to book flights to and from the Hawaiian Islands from US bases, airports and terminals.

Hawaii also has an active duty Air Force.


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