Why You Shouldn’t Be A Travel Agent For Georgia, Montana, Montana Travel Agency

There’s an article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution about the Georgia travel agency’s failure to take a stance on the Confederate flag, and now, it’s back in the news.

The article quotes Georgia travel agent Jennifer M. Richey as saying she had received a letter from a customer who said she did not want to have her travel agency represented by a Georgia travel service.

The customer told the agent that she would not like to see her travel agent represent the Confederate Flag at any of her events because she felt the organization did not respect the Confederate Battle Flag.

The customer said the flag symbolizes racism, and she wanted her travel agents to speak out against the flag.

According to the AJC article, Georgia travel agents have been criticized for not taking a stance, and it has come up at times that travel agencies have taken a stance with respect to the flag but have not followed through with the customer.

Georgia travel agents, in their defense, have done some really bad things with respect in regards to the Confederate Flags, and the AJCs article shows that the company is paying close attention to the customer’s concerns.

The AJC also cites a spokesperson for the Georgia Travel Agency who said that the travel agency was reviewing its policies and practices and would be meeting with the company to discuss its position on the flag before it released the letter.


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