Why Thailand is the only country to ban all non-essential flights over the Maldives

Thailand’s passport travel agency is currently banning all nonessential flights in the Maldivian capital, after discovering that several flights to the Maldive were scheduled to take place without sufficient security measures.

Passport travel agencies in Thailand are currently reporting that they have received reports that some flights have been canceled, including flights from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok and to the US.

These flights were scheduled on January 27, with the airline that flew the passengers on them reportedly stating that they had “failed to comply with the requirements of the law,” but that “they were permitted to fly.”

The airline in question, Thai Airways, is the same one that is being investigated by the US government for its alleged role in the MH370 disaster.

The airline’s spokesman, Srinithorn Narasimhan, told The Straits Times that the airline had not been able to identify a reason for the cancellation and that he hoped that it would be resolved quickly.

But according to Reuters, some airlines in Thailand have begun canceling non-emergency flights over concerns that the ban will cause “severe disruption to international travel” and cause delays in the country’s tourism industry.

While the US has not publicly commented on the matter, Thailand is not the only airline to have experienced problems with passports, as Reuters points out. 

The airline was banned from flying in Thailand by the government of Thailand, a country with one of the world’s most stringent passports laws, and also by the United Nations, which has imposed sanctions against the country.

More recently, US President Donald Trump imposed sanctions on airlines and others that have been accused of violating the US travel ban.

The US has also temporarily barred US citizens from entering Thailand due to the ban, as well as citizens from certain other countries.

Thailand has yet to comment on the situation, and if the government does ban all flights, it’s possible that Thai Airways will try to make the necessary adjustments to make its flights safe.

Update, February 19: Thais are also reporting that some airlines are reporting delays for flights to Thailand. 

According to Reuters Thai Airways has suspended all flights to Bangkok for two days.

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